8oz & 16oz Soy Candle :: Stacy Kate
8oz & 16oz Soy Candle :: Stacy Kate
8oz & 16oz Soy Candle :: Stacy Kate
8oz & 16oz Soy Candle :: Stacy Kate
8oz & 16oz Soy Candle :: Stacy Kate
8oz & 16oz Soy Candle :: Stacy Kate

8oz & 16oz Soy Candle :: Stacy Kate

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Spellbound- The magical fragrances of orange peel, cloves, cinnamon and vanilla form a spellbinding amalgam of the fragrance of home during the Winter months.

Fleur- A fresh picked bouquet of flowers. Sweet jasmine. Lily of the valley. Green leaves. Interwoven with tonka bean and cypress, an explosion of floral fragrance.

Kindling- A is the warm and spicy fragrance of clove, cinnamon, cedar and a hint of vanilla.

Euphoria- an explosion of spearmint and peppermint. It’s a fresh Summer garden breeze, green and lively, uplifting. The mint intensity is balanced with a light peppery touch of rosewood and eucalyptus.

Decadence- Fresh ripe pear caramelized with brown butter, clove and brandy. Too much is just enough.

Earthen- The sun drenched earth of the Arizona desert informs this grounding fragrance blend. Spicy notes of cinnamon, ginger and clove intermingle with the earthy heart-notes of sandalwood and patchouli, followed by hints of jasmine and cedar.

Muse- combines the intoxicating richness of cardamom and vanilla with notes of spicy peppercorn and ginger to give this candle a lush, luxurious fragrance.

Kindred- Seductive amber melds with the rootedness of sandalwood and ginger, atop layered hints of floral jasmine and earthy patchouli. 

Hinterland- There is nothing like the refreshing scent of pine trees in the snow. The deliciously green scent of pine and eucalyptus intermingle beautifully with cypress and tonka to make this evergreen fragrance synonymous with winter.

Herbarium- has top notes of sage and rosemary, supported by the serene heart-note of French lavender. Cedar and sandalwood and round out this alluring blend. Immerse yourself in the lush comfort of your own herb garden.

Bewitching- The subtle citrus notes of mandarin and bergamot gives way to ginger, jasmine and white tea leaves. 

Verdant- Big, bold, bursting with the scent of fresh green grass and early Spring. Rounded out with soothing agave and aloe, then balanced by underpinnings of sweet floral geranium and earthy cedar.

Empath- The grounding notes of vetiver and driftwood give way to night blooming jasmine, violet, eucalyptus and sea salt for an otherworldly, enchanting fragrance.

Gathering- Old Havana. The end of Summer. The smell of spices hangs heavy in the air. Rum glasses clink. A ceiling fan spins, offering respite from the heat. Cardamom, clove bud, mahogany, patchouli. Cherry and vanilla, freshly dried tobacco. 


These intoxicatingly scented, pure soy-wax candles are hand-poured in the wilds of Upstate New York & are inspired by the botanical splendors of nature. The containers are sleek, clear glass with a black metal lid. Each candle is phthalate-free, free of dyes, and contains a lead-free cotton wick.

You can expect approximately a 80 hour burn time from this 16 oz candle.

Made in United States of America