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Honest Soul Yoga

The Drea Mat

The Drea Mat

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The Drea Mat has all of the perks of our original premium Practice Mat plus a gorgeous design reminding you to love your practice and allow it  to bloom on its own path and own time. 

When you take your first downward dog on this beautiful mat we hope you not only feel superior cushion and grip, but also the motivation to let your practice infuse your life on and off the mat. 

Featured Artist

This limited-run mat with a design illustrated by San Antonio based artist and designer Andrea Sepulveda, and it is the first in our artist-inspired merchandise.


This mat is second to none. Flow freely with a long and wide mat giving you more room to practice. And, its thick and grippy rubber bottom layer will ensure you won't slide on any floor.


Marks & stains are inevitable due to the ultra grippy top as the top layer pulls moisture away from the surface giving it a non-slip feel. Our mats are designed to absorb moisture and should never be treated with strong disinfectants, or  excessive oils.

To clean your mat, soak a cloth or sponge (don't apply liquid directly to the mat).  Wipe wet cloth or sponge across the mat using water and mild soap. Dry completely before folding or rolling your mat. Most cleaning wipes designed for skin contact are also acceptable. 

To spot treat your mat, dilute rubbing alcohol with water, and apply the solution from a cloth or sponge to the area you wish to treat. 

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