The Drea Practice Mat

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Limited Edition - Artist Designed

This limited-run mat with a design illustrated by San Antonio based artist and designer Andrea Sepulveda, and it is the first in our artist-inspired merchandise.

The Drea Mat has all of the perks of our original premium Practice Mat plus a gorgeous design reminding you to love your practice and allow it  to bloom on its own path and own time. 

When you take your first downward dog on this beautiful mat we hope you not only feel superior cushion and grip, but also the motivation to let your practice infuse your life on and off the mat. 

Flow with Team PE! Every mat comes with 30 Days free to Practice Everywhere that you can use for yourself, or if you're already a subscriber share the love and gift your 30 Day pass to a friend who would benefit from the positive, supportive PE community.



This mat is the same premium quality as the original Practice Mat.

It features a double layer of high quality synthetic rubber material that lasts and lasts.

26" wide 72” long.

5MM Thick

Non-slip bottom for better traction on surfaces

Extra grippy top layer ensures you won't slip and slide in your practice.

Clean with regular soap and water (avoid oil based cleaners) and use a microfiber towel in between cleanings to wipe away dust.